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Conclusive Explanation as to WHY THIS IS BAD. Or the ‘I HAVE NOT READ PROBLEM SLEUTH”s Guide to Problem Sleuth window mechanics.



Let me be the first to calm you guys down and tell you that Roxy can not be cut in half! She is thankfully completely outside the window.

this phenomena only occurs when part of the body is through the window when it is unplugged. roxy is completely in the window’s realm. which is good, right?

well, in short terms, no. it is worse.

unplugging a window is, long explanation shortened, the way to summon…

fuckers like this. as well as ones more recognizable, such as

now, what does this hold in homestuck canon, you may ask? problem sleuth, while oft referenced in homestuck, is not canon to homestuck, right?



seriously guys if you haven’t read problem sleuth please do it’s so good and callbacks like this keep happening
 damn i love problem sleuth!!!!

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    FsdfSf i read problem sleuth how did i miss this
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    can we just start making a circle of prayer for Roxy? please?
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    Dear laws. We’re all screwed! DDDDDD: BAD JUJU!!!!!
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