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I am so happy I found that Ace Attorney/Silent Hill fic from all those years ago. It’s perfect.

Holy shit, I remember that one. And I remember it being amazing.

I have a yearly urge to read this in all its glory. I should just make a PDF of it for easy access.

Sounds like a plan.

Reading through the first part now. Seems pretty darn slick. Looks like I’m not going to bed yet.

Edit: At the part where Edgeworth encounters the first monster and I’m wondering if I should REALLY read this before bedtime.

Finished, and I can’t confirm how much it conforms to Silent Hill standards, but that was a very, VERY good fic.

It helped that I’d forgotten most everything about it other than “it’s a crossover with Silent Hill and it’s incredible”.

The only downside is that it’s time to sleep now and I’m hoping I won’t imagine any scraping metal noises. (Fingers crossed no high winds occur, because my shutters might clatter a little. Or, you know, other funny noises happen.)


I am so happy I found that Ace Attorney/Silent Hill fic from all those years ago. It’s perfect.

Holy shit, I remember that one. And I remember it being amazing.

Body Image


Cecil is tall and pale and you can see the bones under his skin. All of his bones, not just the thin push of his wrists and collarbones but the shadow of his femur, the swoop of his scapula pushing into his back. He has eyes that are blue like glass is blue. 

Or he does not have eyes at all, and the pits seep black when he watches commercials about limping puppies and kittens who need loving homes. Someday, he thinks, he will adopt a kitten. If it can be trusted not to drink the liquid from his eyes. Khoshekh licked his cheek once. It went badly.

Cecil is tall and pale or he is not. He is dark-skinned, darker than Carlos, darker than anyone in town, and still tall but lithe rather than bone-shaped. The only bones you can see through his skin are the ones you could see through any man’s skin who sometimes forgets to eat. But they do not move quite the way that bones should. His eyes are perfectly normal and he returns each year from his ophthalmologist appointment with a spotless record and carefully marks off on the calender when his next appointment will be. The dentist sends him a yearly reminder card to never make another appointment, please, and a handwritten note that repeats the same thing.

Cecil is lithe and dark or, Cecil carries what his doctor has tried several times to tell him is a bit more weight than a man of his height should, and what he has told his doctor several times is the weight he has always carried. The doctor shakes his head, and offers X-rays again. “No,” says Cecil, thoughtfully looking down at the feet he cannot quite see over the soft curve of his chest sloping into belly. “There are some things, Doctor, we do not need to see.” Everyone he knows describes him as “good-looking” and everyone he meets after this description is disappointed and, later, is not sure why they were ever disappointed. When asked to give specifics, his loved  ones are vague. Brown hair. Skin…definitely, he has skin. His parents in particular are very sure of this. Cecil is quite sure as well. Several of his tattoos, after all, are there specifically to keep the skin in place. It fits better every year, with every ring he adds to the tattoo below his left shoulder blade.

Cecil is pale or (and) dark and (or) thin or (and) heavy. Even Cecil is not entirely sure, sometimes, which of these things are true. After all, his body is hardly relevant. Cecil is a radio personality. 

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No idea what to call this. Haven’t written anything in years now, lol.

Homestuck, body horror, featuring Karkat.  Hopefully it’s clear what’s going on, but the gist of it was this: so trolls are basically insects, right?  And Alternia has all sorts of flora and fauna that are out to get you.  How easy would it be to not notice something was wrong with you until it was too late?

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Scripted [OFF fic]


Characters: Zacharie, numerous others

Length: 1018 words

Summary: Zacharie has always known what his role will be. Some days, that makes it hard to live it.

Warnings: Violence, blood, addiction issues, fuckery of the fourth wall, probably spoilers.

He is the braved, winged hero once, storming the Frog King’s castle without an ounce of fear. He strides through the hallways without even drawing his blade, he stands before the king without an ounce of fear. When his blade cleaves flesh, his aim is perfectly true.

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Fic Feedback for ZiGraves

Righty-oh, here’s the fic feedback digest I basically said I’d write for your recent fics (Ignem Feram part 4, If They’re Not Dead, RED Spy Ain’t Right, Congelatio, Coxsone, Alice Blue), am writing down whatever occurs to me. 

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Academic Rivalry



For the very first person to send me a prompt here on tumblr, with my apologies that it’s so long and that it took so long - thankfully I resisted the temptation to drag it out any further, so here it is. Contains Medic/Engie science-smut. 

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Ah! This is beyond great, it’s pitch-perfect, ausgezeichnet, прекрасно! I had been holding back on reading this during the day so I could take my time and savour it, and I’m glad I did!

The build-up is well paced, and illustrates the characters and how they could interact very nicely in and of itself. (How the Engineer gets drawn further into conversation was something I particularly liked.) Furthermore, you expanded upon and carried that along into latter half properly, which makes me very happy. Not only is it a smooth and plausible-seeming progression from one to the other, you keep the traits established in the first part present in the second. (Although they can do the job on the level of pure titillation, I think it’s really a shame to see scenarios where the characters’ quirks almost fall by the wayside as soon as the smut itself enters the picture. Happily that’s not a complaint I could have of this.) There’s a sense of eroticism in the details, too, which can be a mite rare.

Now, I’ll stop extravagantly lavishing praise on you and say this: firstly, thank you very much for indulging my request, secondly, no need to apologise for the time taken - the quality bears it out! - or the length, because that gave you the leisure to develop things properly, and lastly, that final line is an awful tease! However, one can’t be greedy, so I’ll hold off on begging for more, and just thank you again.

If I went off listing favourite lines I’d be here all day, so here’s the one that stood out to me and why (under the cut to hide spoilers!) -

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Reblogging over here, because gosh, I certainly am lucky to get this written at my request! I don’t think I need to add anymore to my comments above, just go forth and read.

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Reading a good fanfic

Nonsensical vague babble under the cut.

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dear fandom gods

if u are out there at this time

pls have someone write a fic about droog impersonating a priest


Your prayers are answered, my child. 

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File under: things that are delicious.

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