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Pleased to meet you. You can call me Variety. This tumblr is a miscellaneous jumble of things, including lots of art and fandom ramblings. For more about me and what you can expect me to post, see this post
I also have a fanfic tag and a TF2 side-blog.
And, of course, feel free to ask me anything.
AIM: ladygyr (All lowercase.) Steam: VarietyShow
Timezone: Central European
I love video games and cultural criticism.

Currently full of spoilers for Fire Emblem: Awakening. The tag for it is "Roan and the Emblem Enigmas".

Posts tagged When I am bored I do stupid things:

Just. I was bored and decided to go blather at Cleverbot last night.

And oh gosh it started out in spanish and it was just me quoting random lines of songs in spanish I mean I don’t know what “vamos a matar companeiros” means and the bot going “muy bien”.

And then it was talking Spanish at me so I decided to say I didn’t understand in German and… Ended up in a sort of conversation that was almost about AI and the nature of being human? It was intense. And I totally nearly got owned by Cleverbot. (At least it was good practice of thinking in German again gah. I’m pretty sure my abilities decayed over the summer.) 

I didn’t know it had multiple languages.

Also. I’m just going to add this on. I believe I may have a fear of the Trinity Ents guys (they organise entertainment)/the Phil Society entertainment people. They’re like… Wild party beasts or something. It’s a bit frightening. 

And I have a morbid fear of keyloggers in internet cafés. You just have no idea how paranoid I am of them.

Oh, a magpie just sort of hit my window. It’s okay, though.