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Currently full of spoilers for Fire Emblem: Awakening. The tag for it is "Roan and the Emblem Enigmas".

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My father, Dr. Zhicheng Hu, is an award-winning Chinese-American engineer whose work focuses on automobile emission control; he is listed as an inventor of 48 US, European and World patents. In November 2008, the Tianjin Police detained him while he was on a business trip to China after a competitor in Dagang-District, Tianjin, China accused him of “stealing technology.” In April 2010, Tianjin City Prosecutor’s office and Tianjin Court jointly withdrew the case against him and my father was freed without charge after 17 months of detention. Despite this, Tianjin City Police has continued the border control that prevents him from coming home to the United States. My father has been separated from our family for almost three years due to this incident; he recently underwent major surgery to fix an injury that occurred to him during his detention.

“I was sixteen when we first learned of my father’s detainment. My world has changed a lot since then. My younger brother has been forced to grow up without a father for the past three years. My mother spent all of her energy trying to bring my father home and the stress has had a devastating effect on her health. We have tried many options, to no avail. Please, sign the petition and help us convince the Tianjin city government to lift the border control and let my Dad come home! Thank you!”

My very close friend is going through so much pain and all she wants is to be reunited with her father again. Please help Dr. Hu return home by signing the petition at Change.org and by spreading the news.

Thank you!

http://yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Father-264884676 If you don’t understand how bad this is, read this comic. Thank you.

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